The conference for people who build the web
Oct. 23-24th, 2017
Historic Automotive Building at Exhibition Place
Toronto, Canada!

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What we cover

Client Side Code & Architecture

Our client side code stream is where you will experience hands-on training with technologies primarily used on the front-end such as React.js, Ember.js, Native JavaScript, and more. These are our practical front-end sessions.

Our client side architecture stream is where you will learn about other organization's architecture challenges and how they solved them, these are our more theoretical front-end lecture sessions.

Server Side Code & Architecture

Our server side code stream is where you will learn new techniques with technologies primarily used on the back-end such as Java, Ruby, Python, and more. These are our practical back-end coding sessions.

Our server side architecture stream is where you will learn about other organization's delivery and data architectures. Topics like scaling, performance, devops, content delivery fall into these case-study lecture sessions.

User Experience

We wouldn't be full stack without also including designers in our event. Bringing in designers also provides amazing networking opportunities.

Our UX stream is where you will find talks that will help designers and developers alike create a better web, topics like user flows, chatbot and VR experiences, user offboarding, making the user feel secure and so much more are in these case-study lecture sessions.

IoT, Team Skills, and New Tech

We also know that coding or designing all day can be exhausting so we've sprinkled in a few sessions to help you think differently in your everyday process.

Internet of Things talks will show you how you can "hack" the world, and important factors in doing so. Team Skills will help be a better leader and team player. Finally, the New Technology stream is where you can be inspired by technologies gaining momentum!

Who's Speaking - Submit a Session

We're still working on filling in our content schedule check back often as we announce the right speaker for the topics we're covering. Here is who we have announced so far!

Cassandra Photo

Cassandra Faris

Director of Talent Management at Improving Columbus

Keynote: Health: The Most Important Dev Tool
Read Cassandra's Bio

Juniper Photo

Juniper Belmont

Developer Advocate at Vaadin

Session: What Rocky Horror taught me about Shadow DOM and CSS
Read June's Bio

Jana Photo

Jana Beck

Software Engineer at Tidepool

Session: Fighting JavaScript fatigue? Try JavaScript therapy!
Read Jana's Bio

Dana Photo

Dana Scheider

BDD Evangelist at HealthSparq

Session: Oh Behave!: Behavior-Driven Development with Cucumber
Read Dana's Bio

Ivana Photo

Ivana McConnell

Sr. UI/UX Designer at Customer.io

Session: Remote working: Swings & Roundabouts
Read Ivana's Bio

Marissa Photo

Marissa Levy Lerer

CTO at Compose[d]

Session: TBA
Read Marissa's Bio

Jason Photo

Jason Matthews

Technical Architect at Sapient Razorfish

Session: React Native Ra11y
Read Jason's Bio

Tirell Photo

Tirell Mckinnon

Software Engineer at Skookum

Session: Jack of all trades, Development with Vuejs
Read Tirell's Bio

Ben Photo

Ben Ilegbodu

Senior UI Engineer & Manager at Eventbrite

Session: Isomorphic React sans Node??
Read Ben's Bio

Chris Photo

Chris Guzman

Developer Advocate at Nexmo

Session: Building a Better API with JSON:API
Read Chris' Bio

Sam Photo

Sam Kitajima-Kimbrel

Engineering Manager at Twillio

Session: One Data Pipeline to Rule Them All
Read Sam's Bio

Ruy Photo

Ruy Adorno

Senior Front-End Developer at AppDirect

Session: Node.js server side rendering in the Age of APIs
Read Ruy's Bio

Yaroslav Photo

Yaroslav Tkachenko

Senior Software Engineer, Lead at Mobify

Session: Building Stateful Microservices With Akka
Read Yaroslav's Bio

Matt Photo

Matthew Davey

Senior Product Designer at AgileBits

Session: Designing Everyday Privacy and Security
Read Matt's Bio

Ole Photo

Ole Michaelis

Senior Software Engineer at DNSimple

Session: Get your fancy pants on with Elixir
Read Ole's Bio

Alex Photo

Alex Wilmer

Software Developer at Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Session: Organizing Applications In The React Ecosystem
Read Alex's Bio

Jonah Photo

Jonah Kowall

VP Market Development and Insights at AppDynamics

Session: Monitoring and Instrumentation
Strategies, Tips & Best Practices

Read Jonah's Bio

Luke Photo

Luke Westby

Partner at HumbleSpark

Session: Fantastic Types and Where To Use Them
Read Luke's Bio


We're still working on filling in the schedule but here is how it will be laid out so you can see that you will have a chance to both specialize in your layer and get exposed to other layers to be a better generalist! We also offer lot's of time to network and will be providing you with lunch on both days. Don't worry if you have an allergy or sensitivity let us know at registration and we will take care of you!

Oct. 24 - Day 2

Time/Room Room 206AB (240ppl) Room 206CD (240ppl) Room 200C (120ppl)
9:30-10:15 Fantastic Types and Where To Use Them SS CODE Remote working: Swings & Roundabouts
10:30-11:15 Oh Behave!: Behavior-Driven Development with Cucumber SS ARCH Designing Everyday Privacy and Security
11:30-12:15 CS ARCH Building a Better API with JSON:API IoT
1:00-1:45 CS CODE SS ARCH UX
2:00-2:45 CS ARCH SS CODE Get your fancy pants on with Elixir
3:00-3:45 TBA SS ARCH UX
4:00-5:00 Closing Keynote

The #fstoco experience

Diversity & Inclusion

#fstoco is organized by a diverse group of individuals, our Executive Director identifies as a homosexual, our board is comprised of people of colour, and our volunteers come from all walks of life. However, we don't stop there! We pay close attention to our speaker lineup to ensure different points of views from different types of people are presented, especially women, we make sure that our event is a safe space for learning including gender non-binary washrooms and an enforced code of conduct. We also take great pride in attracting attendees from all around the world. Toronto is diverse and so should it's leading tech event!

High Quality Practical Content

Our event planning process starts with great quality content, we carefully select technologies, tools, and methods to cover in our event, that you can go right back to work and start integrating into your existing stack. Lay those topics out in the schedule so you get exposed to more than just your specialization and stack, then find amazing speakers to talk in those spots. This is a lot different than the traditional CFP process that picks from a list of submitted sessions, we seek out great content and great speakers to present it!


We know that not all of you are extroverts and that these large social settings can make it hard to feel included and strike up a conversation. We design our experience around breaking down barriers. Our event space is barrier free for ease of access to all, we offer you a space on your name tag to put your passion so someone else can make that first intro, and we've put games, lego, and other icebreakers around the venue so you can come together over a common task and feel less like you're being interrogated. Plus the mix of designers and developers at the event spurs some amazing conversations!

Registration Information

Full Stack Toronto is a non-profit all of the funds from the event go into putting on the events and helping us create and sustain our events for the future. We think your money is going to a good cause, supporting diversity, professional development, an inclusive experience, and long-lasting friendships. All prices included all taxes and service fees and are in Canadian dollars so if you're from out of town it's even cheaper!

What's Provided

  • Access to both days of event
  • Lunch, Coffee, Tea both days
  • Free Hi-Speed Wifi
  • Access to exclusive discounts
  • Great Content
  • Great People
  • Exemplary Experience


Super Early Bird

On-sale Jan - Mar

$399 CAD

Early Bird

On-sale Apr - Jun

$499 CAD


On-sale Jul - Oct 13

$599 CAD

We want #fstoco to be accessible to all, if you require financial assistance please send an essay request in the form of a website in your favorite technology, outlining how attending the event will further your professional development, why you require assistance, and what you would be willing to pay for the event. Email your assignment to [email protected]


Speaker Sponsors

We would like to thank the following companies for paying the way for their employees to come speak at our events

Community Partners

We would like to thank the following comunity groups and companies for helping spread the word about our events

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