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Oct. 23-24th, 2017
Beanfield Centre at Exhibition Place

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Don't see a topic you can speak to below? Don't worry submit any way! We read every submission and if you can convince us, we will pursue it further to ensure that it is ready for our primarily startup and enterprise focused attendees, who are looking for talks that they can go back to work with knowledge of how to implement into existing systems, over something that would require them to start a project in a new stack.

Client Side Code

  • SVG
  • (React) - Advanced
  • (React) - Intermediate
  • (JS) - Advanced
  • Performance
  • CSS

Client Side Architecture

  • PWA/AMP/Performance
  • Redux
  • Ember
  • Functional JS
  • CSS Architecture

Server Side Code

  • CQRS/Event Sourcing
  • Contract Testing
  • (Java) -Scaling/Concurrency Management
  • (Ruby) - API/Advanced
  • (Node) - Intermediate
  • Voice Interpolation

Server Side Architecture

  • Spring Boot
  • Docker/CI
  • Assembly/Hardware Code
  • Funstions As A Sercice
  • Reactive
  • Serving VR Content

User Experience

  • Designing for Hardware
  • Chatbots UX
  • UX Research Findings
  • UX of VR/AR
  • UX for Security
  • User Offboarding
  • UX and AI
  • UX for Aging Population
  • Psychology of Web Performance
  • UX of Voice Interfaces


  • Browser APIS
  • Connected Devices
  • AR/VR

Team Skills

  • Constructive Criticism
  • Better Team Leads
  • Managing Teams
  • Collaborating Better

New Tech

  • JS2018
  • Elixr
  • Vue.js
  • Elm/Flow/Typescript
  • Blockchain

Speaking Notes

Diversity & Inclusion

We want an event that everyone can be proud of. Last year we achieved 55% of our speakers coming from typically underrepresented demographics, so we encourage you to submit and share with your network to submit so we have a large and diverse submission pool to select from. We want to ensure we have an inclusive event, for this reason, you will be required to legally bind yourself to our code of conduct in our contract process, and we will investigate you as a speaker to ensure we see the quality and exemplary behavior.

Advanced Content

None of the content at #fstoco should be beginner level, our focus is on professional development, anything at a beginner level will only be considered in the IoT, SoftSkills, and New Tech stream as these are introductions to other topics. Your sessions should clearly outline what the attendee will learn, why it is important, and how it relates to a professional environment.

You will be required to submit your slides ahead of time to ensure you a quality thought out presentation and for our mobile app to have slides for the attendees to follow along too as the rooms are quite large.

Compensation Policy

#fstoco is a non-profit, all of the funds we raise go into putting on our events, this includes covering travel and lodging. We can not offer payment for speaking services. Travel and Lodging will be done on a reimbursement basis following the event using the below pay structure based on regions. We can not pay all of our speakers, so if your employer can sponsor you, we will give them free advertising on our site. All reimbursement will be in Canadian dollars and we will not reimburse for banking or PayPal fees please take note of this for international submissions.

Original Content is preferred, for this reason when you select that you would like to be reimbursed you will be placed into a lottery if you have given this talk you are submitting at another major conference. Having practiced it at a meetup or your office is completely fine, but it is hard for a non-profit event to compete when the content has already made its way around the circuit.

We understand that making a presentation is a lot of work and that not getting paid for that time can suck, however, we have found that this process weeds out anyone that is just speaking for the publicity, to pitch ideas, or doesn't value the grassroots sharing that makes our events unique. We have a non-commercial policy in the code of conduct you can not advertise products, services, or your employer during your presentation, our attendees are here to learn about your content.

Regional (GTHA)
  • Travel assistance - None
  • Lodging assistance - None
Ontario & Québec
  • Travel assistance - Max $300
  • Lodging assistance (2 nights) - Max $600
Rest of Canada
  • Travel assistance - Max $800
  • Lodging assistance (2 nights) - Max $600
The Americas
  • Travel assistance - Max $1100
  • Lodging assistance (2 nights) - Max $600
  • Travel assistance - Max $1500
  • Lodging assistance (3 nights) - Max $900
  • Travel assistance - Max $2000
  • Lodging assistance (4 nights) - Max $1200

What to expect from us

We accept submissions on a rolling basis, if your session and profile match what we have decided are must haves you will recive a contract from us, then be published on the site, then recieve your ticket which has discounts for booking flights and hotels. You are in charge of booking your travel and arriving prepared, we will reimburse those being paid after the event.

If you haven't heard from us, that doesn't mean it's a no from us, it's just a not right now. Since we curate things a bit differntly we slot in a few things in advanced, to help with marketing, then suplement them with complimentary talks. There are also some topics that we simply can't decide on until closer to the event because they might not be relevant any more.

Once our schedule is filled up you will hear from us regardless, this should not be later than July 31st.


Speaker Sponsors

We would like to thank the following companies for supporting their employees to come speak at our events

Community Partners

We would like to thank the following comunity groups and companies for helping spread the word about our events

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